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November Special Contract Meeting


BEA Executive Board Special Contract Meeting

Bemidji High School

November 13, 2017


Members present: Jason Koester, President; Stephen Pfleger, Vice President; Janet Weaver, Secretary; Deb Brown, Treasurer; Bryan Stoffel, BHS; Terry Hewitt, BHS; Gina Bernard, BHS; Jeff Aas, BHS; Susan Eichstadt, BMS; Kathy Pfannenstein, BMS; Ashley Sands, BMS; Becky Skipper, BMS; Anna Grand, Northern Elementary; Rich Morehouse, Solway Elementary; Leah Bratlien, Horace May Elementary; Peter Bahr, Lisa Schussman, Lincoln Elementary; Theresa Wheeler, JW Smith Elementary; Heidi Ryan, Central Elementary; Beth Hadrava, Paul Bunyan Center; Michelle Luby, First City; Suzanne Julin, CSC; Kate Pearson, Awards; Patty Marquardt, Fringe Benefits, Amy Merschman for Susan Flicek,


Call to Order: President Jason Koester called the meeting to order at  4:45 p.m.


President's Report:

-Contract:  Negotiations Council voted to ratify the contract.  Jason passed out copies of the salary schedule and put the contract up to view.  He outlined the restructuring of the salary schedule for the first year.  It reflects a 2% increase the 2nd year.  Emphasis was put on the bottom and top of the schedule.

-Jeff Aas reported they added a robotics assistant at the middle school.  There was discussion about the addition of a high school assistant. Terry Hewitt stated there will be discussion to update the extra curricular schedule between contracts.

-In 1999 the district started funding a 403B matching for severance.  The choice was a medical deferred or sick leave benefit.  Sick leave would receive $350/day for 100 days.  If you fall under  the 100 days, you would not receive the $35,000.  After 30 years you may contribute a max of $5000 to make up the difference.

  -The executive board voted to recommend ratification of the contract.

-There will be a general membership meeting, Tuesday, Nov. 14 to present the contract.

-Voting will take place Monday, Nov. 20.

A motion was made by and seconded by to adjourn the meeting at 5:15; the motion passed.


Respectfully submitted by Janet Weaver, BEA Secretary


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