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November 2017


BEA Executive Board Meeting

Bemidji High School

November 1, 2017


Members present: Jason Koester, President; Stephen Pfleger, Vice President; Janet Weaver, Secretary; Deb Brown, Treasurer; Terry Hewitt, BHS; Gina Bernard, BHS; Susan Eichstadt, BMS; Kathy Kinn, BMS; Ashley Sands, BMS; Becky Skipper, BMS; Anna Grand, Northern Elementary; Rich Morehouse, Solway Elementary; Leah Bratlien, Horace May Elementary; Peter Bahr, Lincoln Elementary; Theresa Wheeler, JW Smith Elementary; Heidi Ryan, Central Elementary; Michelle Luby, First City; Suzanne Julin, CSC; Kate Pearson, Awards; Gretchen Rusch, Membership; Susan Flicek, Scholarship.


Call to Order: President Jason Koester called the meeting to order at  4:01 p.m.


Secretary's Report:  Janet Weaver submitted the minutes from the  September 13 Executive Board meeting.  Susan Flicek moved and  Michelle Luby seconded to approve the minutes from the meeting on September 13, 2017; the motion passed.   Janet then submitted the minutes from the October 4 Executive Board meeting.  Peter Bahr moved and Rich Morehouse seconded to approve the minutes from the meeting on October 4, 2017; the motion passed.


Treasurer's Report:  Deb Brown distributed the Register Report for the period from 10/4/2017 through 10/31/17.  The balance in the General Fund is $71,009.45.  The Scholarship Fund has a balance of $708.89.  Terry Hewitt moved and Susan Flicek seconded to receive and file the Treasurer’s Report; motion passed.  

-Proposed Budget: Jason shared the 2017-18 budget with the executive board.  Susan Flicek moved and Peter Bahr seconded to approve the 2017-18 budget.


President's Report:

-New Ed. MN Field Rep: Vanessa Pulkrabek is the new rep. located at the Ed. MN office on Anne St.

-Membership Renewal: Continued efforts to get every member renewed online.


Old Business:

        -Update: on New School: They are on schedule and the plan is to have all 4th & 5th graders start the 2018 school year there.  Kindergarten will be in home schools with shifting of primary and secondary elementary classrooms within the buildings.  CSC to the Paul Bunyan Center would move Fall of 2019-20.

-Jason showed the new BEA folder that will be given to new staff with district office materials.

-Get to know your contract:  Jason plans to set up a meeting open to all members.


Committee Reports:

Communications:  Nothing to report.


Negotiations Council: Rich Morehouse reported there is a table agreement the negotiations council will look at Nov. 3.  Voting for the council and the executive board will take place Monday, November 13.  


Fringe Benefits/Insurance: Nothing to report.


Meet and Confer: There should be a meeting the end of November or early December.


Awards:  Nothing to report.


Member Rights:  Nothing to report.


Membership:  Gretchen Rusch reminds all to report any new staff or long term subs.


Scholarship:  Susan Flicek reported on a donation and some events being planned.




New Business:

-Review of ByLaws - Contract Ratification: Jason reviewed the timeline of voting and ratification of a new contract as stated in the ByLaws.

-Review Table Agreement:  Jason went through the agreement and outlined the proposed changes.  


A motion was made by Terry Hewitt and seconded Rich Morehouse by to adjourn the meeting at 5:02; the motion passed.


Respectfully submitted by Janet Weaver, BEA Secretary


Next meeting: December 6, 2017


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