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December 2017


BEA Executive Board Meeting

Bemidji High School

December 6, 2017


Members present: Jason Koester, President; Janet Weaver, Secretary; Deb Brown, Treasurer; Bryan Stoffel, BHS; Terry Hewitt, BHS; Gina Bernard, BHS; Jeff Aas, BHS; Kathy Pfannenstein, BMS; Ashley Sands, BMS; Becky Skipper, BMS; Rich Morehouse, Solway Elementary; Leah Bratlien, Horace May Elementary; Peter Bahr, Lincoln Elementary; Nancy Hanson for Anna Grand, Northern Elementary; Theresa Wheeler, JW Smith Elementary; Crystal Bundermann, for Heidi Ryan, Central Elementary; Beth Hadrava, Paul Bunyan Center; Michelle Luby, First City; Suzanne Julin, CSC; Kate Pearson, Awards; Mike Ohl, Communications; Patty Marquardt, Fringe Benefits, Gretchen Rusch, Membership; Susan Flicek, Scholarship.


Call to Order: President Jason Koester called the meeting to order at  4:02 p.m.


Audit:  Gary Sorenson delivered the financial records, (audit), for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2017.  Peter Bahr moved and Rich Morehouse seconded to receive and file the financial records of the BEA for the 2017 fiscal year; motion passed.

Secretary's Report:  Janet Weaver submitted the minutes from the November 1 Executive Board meeting.

Susan Flicek moved and Michelle Luby seconded to approve the minutes from the meeting on November 1, 2017; the motion passed.


Treasurer's Report:  Deb Brown distributed the Register Report for the period from 11/1/2017 through 12/5/2017.  The balance in the General Fund is $92,995.69.  The Scholarship Fund has a balance of $1,292.48.  Susan Flicek moved and Peter Bahr seconded to receive and file the Treasurer’s Report; motion passed.


President's Report:

-Ratification: The school board ratified the 2017-2020 contract.  Jason reported there is a three-week open enrollment for members to make changes to their benefits.  Paperwork must be filed by December 27, 2017.  Members passed the contract by approximately 92%.  

-Membership Renewal: Jason will get an updated list of those members that have updated their renewal.

Old Business:

        -Get to know your contract:  Jason plans to have a staff social using crises funds.  Retro checks will be issued mid-January.

-Jeff Aas inquired about staffing at the new 4-5 building in regards to class size.


Committee Reports:

Communications:  Mike Ohl will send out an email inviting and instructing staff to access the BEA website.  Membership numbers are needed.  Jason will look into new membership cards.


Negotiations Council: Jeff Aas plans to send out one more survey about the negotiations/contract process.


Fringe Benefits/Insurance: Patty Marquardt will be attending a PEIP meeting.


Meet and Confer: Calendar discussion; Staff development: district would like to add another staff development day at the beginning of the school year for building transitions.  All current 4-5th grade teachers are expected to transfer to the new building.  They may apply for a transfer if positions are available.  If there are openings, any staff that is licensed may apply.


Awards:  Kate Pearson had nothing to report.


Member Rights:  Gina Bernard had nothing to report.


Membership:  Gretchen Rusch had nothing to report.


Scholarship:  Susan Flicek reported another check to deposit for scholarships.




New Business:

-Review of ByLaws:  We need to have a general membership meeting to amend the bylaws.  There will be changes in number of members allowed each building with the addition of the 4-5 building.  Policy changes can be made at an executive board meeting.


A motion was made by Rich Morehouse and seconded by Terry Hewitt to adjourn the meeting at 4:58; the motion passed.


Respectfully submitted by Janet Weaver, BEA Secretary


Next meeting: January 10, 2018


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